Food and Resto Marketing Workshop with Migs De La Rosa

Join me on February 27, 9am to 5pm for Food and Restaurant Marketing Workshop.

Learn best practices in food and restaurant marketing, new industry trends, how to maximize your business using PR and other tactical marketing strategies, what do you need to know before you open your food and restaurant business, how to continue the momentum of your food business after its opening via correct social media marketing and more.

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It’s also a good opportunity to network with fellow food and restaurant owners.

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The REC 2017 Lineup of Speakers

What is REC?

The Restaurant Engagement Conference 2017 is an all-in-one whole day event, organized by Mplify, which basically aims to gather SMEs, new brands, aspiring restaurateurs, F&B professionals, and current restaurant owners.
REC also aims to provide relevant advertising portfolios and to discuss strategic marketing tools that will optimize Restaurant business because Customer Engagement is the NEW RULE of the GAME.

Who are we? (Mplify)

Is a marketing company established with a good purpose and powered by a great passion for helping businesses reach its full potential, amplify their business, and provide marketing solutions through various strategies and PR campaigns.

Line Up of Speakers:

(Q&A Moderator: Ms. Geenette Garcia, Executive Director, Children’s Hour)

1. Yayu Javier – President-COO, Avanza
    “Eating Up Competition with CRM-Loyalty Programs”
2. Jerry Ilao – President, Simple Life Technology
    “Mobile Apps for Restaurants”
3. Dr. Wessam Atif – CEO/ President, FoodSHAP
     “Food Safety Guidelines and Certification”
4. Henry De Chaille – Group Sales Manager, Google
    “Google Impact to Restaurant Online Presence”
5. Hazel Herber – Managing Director, Where to Eat Phils.
    “Maximizing Business Potential via Strong Online Presence (SEO)”
6. Ronnel Cuison – Managing Director, Pixel Pro
    “Power of Food Photography for Restaurants”
7. Brigette Tan – Operations Director, Inquirer Mobile
    “Chat With Your Customers Through Friendly Bots”
8. Jay Bautista – Managing Director, Kantar Media
    “Case Studies on Actual Restaurant Platforms”
9. Nikolai Frez – Segment Head, Globe MyBusiness
      “Power of Communication that Empowers Restaurant
10. Lloyd R. Tronco – Exec. Director, OOH Media
      “The Power of Outdoor Media”
11. Aileen Contreras – Retail SME Loans Head, Maybank
      “Take your business to greater heights, Maximize your
      Business Growth Potential”
We shall be releasing a brief background of each speaker soon. Please do visit our site for updates on REC.  You can also register ahead and avail of the early bird promo.

Best Practices in Food and Restaurant Marketing

food and restaurant marketing

Food and Restaurant Marketing Essentials

Do you have a food business or are you planning to start one? Know the best practices in marketing your food or restaurant business with this 2-part online class! Click here for more details: Best Practices in Food And Restaurant Marketing

Our mentor, Migs dela Rosa, will teach you LIVE on Nov. 10 and Nov. 17, 7PM. Migs has more than 15 years experience in the marketing industry, having handled big brands such as Sumosam, Akira, Blackbeard’s Seafood Island, Kung Fu Kitchen, Chowking, Manang’s, etc. so you can be confident that you will learn the best practices in marketing your food or restaurant business.

The training is an extensive 2-part course and will touch the most important aspects of food and restaurant marketing.

Part 1: Pre-Opening Restaurant Marketing Initiatives/ Plans

1. The Creation and Importance of a Search Engine Optimized Website;

2. Social Media Marketing;

3. Board Up and Store Pre-Opening Collaterals (for both mall-based and stand-alone stores);

4. Establish Google places for check in purposes once your restaurant is open;

5. Mobile Marketing;

6. Email Blast – teaser and opening promos / freebies

7. PR / Press Kit Ready to Go for the opening for Media and Influencers.

8. List of Media, Online Influencers, Bloggers, Potential Clients, VIPs for opening invitation.

9.  Food and Lifestyle Bloggers Network;

10. Planning a Pre-Opening Party for Major Influencers. – To know some early feedback and matters for improvement.

11. Opening Teasers ;

12. Develop Strategic Partnerships and Local Store Marketing Partners.

13. Create a Marketing Budget – Tactical expenditure that delivers sales and traffic.

Part 2. Restaurant Marketing for Existing Business

1. Loyalty and Rewards Programs;

2. Introduction of thematic menu and seasonal dishes;

3. Strategic Marketing Partnership and Co-Branding;

4. Online reservation, reviews and continuous brand awareness campaign;

5. Restaurant Delivery Service;

6. Strengthen Local Store Marketing Initiatives;

7. In-Store Promotion and Engagement;

8. Social Media Updates and Promotions;

9. Corporate Social Responsibility Programs;

10. Mall promotions and area sales call programs;

11. Customer Engagement Activities;

12. Event Sponsorship and Strategic Alliances;

13. Media Partnership and PR Exposure.

With heavy competition and so many distractions that pull the consumer from all directions, one needs to be constantly updated with the best practices in food and restaurant marketing.  Gone  are the days when good products are enough. This 2 part-training course will be beneficial to both new businesses or existing food businesses to sustain marketing and customer awareness.  Sign up now.